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What is a Home Inspection? – Everything you Need to Know about Home Inspections in 2019

Nowadays, nearly all home buyers hire a home inspector before buying a house. To put it simply, a home inspection is an assessment of a house. Mostly a trained professional called home inspectors conducts these inspections, visually inspecting the performance of the house. Covering different aspects such as plumbing, visible electrical wiring, etc. The home inspector is typically accompanied by pre-inspection agreement and an inspection report. Using that, the purchaser can make an informed decision about the house in question.

Whether you’reconsidering buying a house or want to sell your old home, getting the house inspected by atrained house inspector is always a good idea. But how do you know which one to go with? Every company out there claims to the Best at what they do. Even here in Vista CA. you’ll find “Best Home Inspection Companies” everywhere. So how do u know what to hire?

 Here’s what you need to know to find the company that suits you best and everything else.

Cost of a Home Inspection

According to sources, home inspection costs anywhere between $300 to $500. That being said, it should be noted that cost may vary drastically upon factors like location, size of the house, services provided, etc.

What to Ask from Home Inspectors before Hiring

You don’t need to spend hours interviewing every home inspector, but make sure you clear all the major issues before hiring one. A few of them include:

Prior experience: Home inspection doesn’t require a college degree of any sort so the experience is very crucial. Make sure the inspector in question has enough training and if they are new, had proper training with an experienced inspector.

Services Included: A home inspector cannot inspect hidden parts of the house, such as in-wall electrical wiring. Still, a good home inspector covers everything visible/accessible. Make sure your home inspector plans to do the same.

Attending the inspection: Even though mostly it’s not a big deal and attending the home inspection can help you ensure that the inspector is doing his job properly. We’ve heard about inspectors refusing to allow people to attend the inspection. If your inspector plans to do the same. That means that there is something fishy and you should avoid such inspectors.

How to Find a Home inspector

Sources suggest that there were 102,000+ building inspectors in the United States in 2012. So, the possibility that you have more than one company that provides these services is quite high. There are a lot of Professional Home Inspection Companies here in Vista, CA. Still, if you’re struggling to find one, here are some good resources for finding a professional home inspector.

  • Internet: one of the easiest ways of getting information nowadays is to search the internet. Look for local home inspection companies around you, make a list of top-rated ones and then call these businesses to find the one that suits you.
  • Your real estate agent:  if your working with a real estate agent, you can ask them for recommendations. They surely would’ve worked with a few.
  • Friends and family:your friends and family, especially ones who recently purchased a house could be a great source for good recommendations.

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