Professional Way Of Cleaning Out Dryer Vent

Doing a Deep Cleaning of Your Dryer Vents: Here’s How!

It’s important that you ensure your dryer vents are completely clean because that affects the indoor air quality of your house. If the air is not properly filtered out by the dryer vents, you and your family could be dealing with health issues as well. In fact, the dirty dryers are serious fire hazards too!

Therefore, you should know the proper way of cleaning dryer vent in Lancaster PA. Follow these tips in order to properly clean the vents of yours so as to ensure there are no problems.

Know Where Exactly Your Duct Is

In order to properly clean your entire duct, you should know where it is located completely. Inspect it and see where it starts and where it ends. The back of the dryer unit has an exhaust that is about four inches in diameter. The exhaust links to the intricate ductwork that is inside the wall. It is linked via an aluminum elbow or some other pipe. Through these pipes, hot air moves to the outside of the house. Once you have located it entirely, you can move onto the next step.

Carefully Unlink the Dryer

After accurately identifying the points where the dryer starts and ends, you can disconnect the dryer. It’s easy to do if you are dealing with an electric dryer. Firstly, disconnect the machine’s power cord. Then you need to carefully remove the duct vent pipe from the exhaust. There would be probably some metal tape that’s keeping them connected so just remove those.

If it’s a dryer that runs on natural gas, you need to ensure you do not disturb dryers as a line. You should be more careful with this because gas leaks can occur this way.

Getting to the Actual Cleaning

After doing these aforementioned steps, you would have easy access to the entire dryer duct opening. Now, to properly Cleaning Out Dryer Vent Duct in Lancaster PA you need to purchase a special kit that’s used for cleaning the vents. You should check your local stores or you can buy one online. There are 2 segments you can combine to create a long rod of twelve feet. There’s also a lint brush that you can fit on the rod. Then you should put the brush ends of the device into the duct. Use an entry point that is easy for you. You can spin the rod counter-clockwise and try to reach the farthest places of the duct with the brush. It takes a bit of time and effort but this will surely do the job!

Cleaning Up and Connecting Everything Back

When you clean up the ducts inside, there would be a lot of lint that comes out of it. The lint and dust would fall on the floors. Make sure you use a broom or a brush to clean the floors up. The vacuum won’t be suitable as there are too much lint and dust usually coming from the ducts inside. After doing all this cleaning up, you should reconnect everything back to where it was.

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