Most Common AC Problems and Their Ultimate Solutions

Air Conditioning Services

The air conditioner is the basic necessity of every household. Especially, in hot and dump areas- its importance is realized when scorching sun parches everything around. In hot areas and other parts of the world where temperature crosses more than 32 Celsius, there AC is recommended for healthy human life. But whereas the AC matters for residential and commercial buildings, there it rises the relevant air conditioning services need accordingly. Therefore, every area where summer season falls and the human population is enough with active AC’s installed.

Why AC Service Needs an Expert’s Hand?

it should be kept in concern that AC repairmen during the summer season become rare, so it is hard to find some good AC repairing companies in Redmond RA. Thanks to some trusted ac service companies, getting an AC repairing service in Richmond WA has been no longer a problem. As the QUALITY COMFORT HVAC LLC and some other companies are providing this relieving service for air conditioners and HVAC’s. But still, the company urges you to take care of your ac by yourself to prevent it from being breakdown.

Following, we educate you on common Air Conditioners problems and tips to keep your AC fit and working smoothly.

Common Problems of an AC

Air Con keeps working throughout the summer seasons with a seamless working. Even in industrial and IT sectors such as server rooms and data warehouse AC’s work 24/7 without any pause. Therefore, the breakdown of the AC is obvious. Both in commercial and residential AC’s the following problems occur in most of the cases.

1.      Low Refrigerant

This is the most common case and problem in an AC or refrigerator. In simple words for better understandability, it is known as low cooling production. This general issue sets forth due to leaking refrigerant lines and pipes. The gas leaks from those pores henceforth the cooling fails to produce properly.

2.      Blocked Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioner has an evaporator coil that is filled refrigerant and is responsible for soaking the heat from air like a sponge. This conduit sometimes blocks due to melted metal and other welding material. So, it doesn’t allow the air and gas mixture to pass through it. This very gaseous air is subjected to be cooling your air conditioner’s air.

3.      Dirty Condenser’s Coils

Dirty condenser’s coil starts getting blocked due to excessive grime and dirt. This blocks the airflow towards the conditioner.

4.      Fan Problems

The fan of your air conditioner begins to give problems due to overuse or excessive usage. The coil of the fan motor gets jammed because of cooling.

5.      Thermostat Issues

Although the latest AC’s coming with the programmable built-in functions to control and adjust the thermostat, anyhow there are still those antique loving people who use that dial-based ac. The setting of the thermostats sometime goes wrong. You can adjust it by reading the manual or you can get the service of the Residential Air Conditioning Services in Redmond WA.

Tips To Maintain AC

  • Replace Dirty Air Filter After Every Three-Six Months
  • Inspect the Duct and Repair Holes
  • Read the Manual Carefully
  • Turn off AC after Every 3 Hours for 10-15 minutes
  • Clean Net and Jaws of the Indoor Unit
  • Clean Outdoor Nets and Fan

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